We always value your trust and allow you to know about what personal information we collect and how we collect, use, and share that information. When you visit our website, the privacy policy describes the data and the information you receive. To access our website, you need to agree to all the privacy policies and related terms and conditions.

What personal information do we collect?

Personal information can be defined as information that relates to the appropriate identity of a particular person. The following are the personal information we may collect.

  • Email and phone numbers.
  • Debit and credit card numbers and some other related information.
  • Identity of postal address.
  • TSA known traveler number for the transportation company
  • Social media IDs and passport numbers for identification.

All the other information you give to us when you connect with our customer service to book a trip along with any particular reservations.

How do we collect personal information?

We collect the information through several ways like third-party service provider supplier(s) and from you. We also collect information through the following:

Through offline: we get the information when you connect with our customer service team.

By travel services: When you make a reservation with us or enroll in any promotion, we collect the information.

From any other sources: According to the appropriate law, we also collect information from additional or outside resources. These can include public databases, social media handles, joint marketing partners, friends or family connected in the itinerary, and third-party agents.

When you make any booking on behalf of another person, then you agree to the consent of that person to collect, use, and reveal the other’s personal information for the reservation.

How do we lawfully use the personal information?

Use in contractual:

  • If you do not provide any personal information, then we will not proceed further and will be unable to give you the complete flight reservation.
  • We use personal information in booking the flight ticket on our website.
  • In addition to this, we also use information on the payment, passport numbers, date of birth, dietary requirements, and frequent flyer numbers.
  • Also, respond to the inquiries to complete the requests containing delivery of the newsletter.

In a legitimate manner:

  • In the direct marketing or any related products or services that we offer, including the products that we don’t offer. This can only happen according to the law.
  • We also use your information in other reasons like updating the itinerary travel information, managing the reservation or connecting with the customer service.
  • Your information can also be used to send any special offer through marketing channels, new products, third parties, or any other competition.
  • This can contain emails, text messages, data, etc.
  • However, if you don’t want to receive any such messages, then you can write to us.

Only by your consent:

  • Only in some specific situations do we collect and process the data or your information as per your consent.
  • If you opt to receive the email newsletters, then we can use your personal information.
  • In any appropriate explicit content, we send you the promotional quotes.

How long do we keep your personal information with us?

  • All personal information is available with us as long as it is essential and for the purpose it was originally obtained.
  • Generally, we retain the information for upto 6 years to protect it from any contractual claims.
  • All the records are maintained according to the legal and regulatory requirements.

How do we reveal personal information?

All your personal data are disclosed or transferred to multiple organizations as given below:

  • In terms of the certain exceptions of the corporate affiliates and the service partner, these types of organizations are not in our control. Their privacy policy and personal information are only governed by them.
  • We reveal personal information to our business partners about where services are linked and refer to any other sites for the advertisement of the services.
  • To all the outside service providers, including email delivery, customer assistance, auditing, payment, infrastructure, data analysis, orders, etc.
  • We also reveal promotions to outside sponsors, drawings, surveys, contests, etc. With this, anyone we send messages to the services can easily connect with you.
  • Personal information can also be available on our social media accounts or to the friends you added to the account.
  • In the occurrence of dissolution, merger, reorganization, corporate events, and sale of all the assets, we expect that all the personal information and data will be transferred to the acquiring company.
  • It is our responsibility that your personal information must be confidential.

Additional information:

Following are the additional information we may collect:

You can say that other or additional information is those that donot identify you or directly link to the individual. According to the applicable law, we can consider the other information to be personal information. We use the additional information just like the personal information. Other details are below:

  • Use the apps on your device and related browsers.
  • Additional information can also be from the cookie files, pixel tags, and related technologies.
  • Compiled demographic information and extra details.

How do we collect additional information?

We and our third-party providers may collect additional details using the multiple techniques below.

Through the browser or particular gadget: all the information we collect from the MAC address, screen resolution, operating system, model, language, type, version, services you are using, etc. Through this, the information is automatically collected by various browsers.

Using cookies: Cookies are information and documents that are saved directly on your device. With the help of cookies, we get the information from the device date and time, servers, and files downloaded to the app you are using.

Comparable technologies, pixel tags: Sometimes, pixel tags can be used to connect with other services or information. This can help to track users’ actions, access marketing initiatives, and gather information for responses.

Physical position:

We have the right to pinpoint the position of your device by using satellite and Wi-Fi signals to use the relevant location to deliver specialized services and content. To display geo-targeted ads, we also deliver the information marketing partners use the location. With the help of your device settings, you can accept or reject sharing of such device locations.

IP address:

Your internet service provider automatically gives an IP address to the computer you are using daily. These IP addresses are automatically saved in our server log files every time you get any services from us. We only collect information from the site’s IP addresses, analyzing traffic, services, server problems, and other related things.

Changes to the privacy policy:

Southwestflytrip has the right to make changes to this privacy policy anytime, whenever required, without prior notification. So, you are advised to keep checking our website for updated policies and conditions before getting any services. If you find any problem, feel free to contact our customer service team and talk to a representative.