Terms and conditions of southwest fly trip

All the terms and conditions and other written agreements are available at the time of booking the flight ticket. This will apply to the reservation with Southwestflytrip, which you need to read in detail before getting any further services with us. When you checkout or use any services on our website, you agree to the terms and conditions. If you don’t read the conditions and agree to them, then we are not liable for any loss or damage in the future.
However, you can feel free to reach out to our customer service agents for help with any issues.

License agreement:

We work as the particular representative to give you the best reservation and arrange the necessary arrangements with the supplier(s) or principal(s) authority like airlines, lodging companies, operators, hotels, and cruise, according to the relevant receipt.

As we are intermediaries, we are not liable for any loss or inadequacies by the supplier or principal authority. All this is linked with your reservations, and we recommend you read properly to gain the essential information to avoid any discrepancies in the future. However, you can request copies of all the terms and conditions if you don’t find them at booking.


At the time of booking, passengers must double-check all the clauses and entries you have provided on the reservation along with the travel documents. This can include the date, name, time, destination, preferences, passports, visa, Adhaar card, and other itinerary details. Any changes or additions are only subject to availability by the supplier, which can incur some extra charges.

While getting the flight tickets, your supplier and the travel agent re-check the booking details and ensure that all the information is adequately added. Apart from this, all the flight tickets are non-changeable, non-refundable and non-transferable.

The reservation details sent to you in your mail are shared in accordance with the supplier or any other principal authority who is indulging in the travel arrangements. If it is required by the legislation and officials, then your travel information will be forwarded to the customs and public authorities. This can also include disability, religious, or other social information. By agreeing to the conditions, you are giving consent to share your personal information with the supplier.

Your payment information is completely secured, and fares are guaranteed at the time of reservation. If you find any issues in payment, then we will send you the affirmation in your mail within 48 hours.

The complimentary bags totally depend upon the airlines and the supplier. Some airlines charge fees, and some do not, so it is advisable to check the rules of the appropriate airlines or contact their customer service.

All travelers must reach the airport at least three hours prior to the flight to avoid any penalty for the refund. You are only responsible for any papers or physical documents at the airport.


Purchase the available travel insurance to protect yourselfs from any aditional charges or fees. Many suppliers wants you to add this according to the terms and conditions. In certain destinations, travel insurance is mandatory and you can consult with the embassy of the foreign. If you are opting for the insurance, then you must make sure that you have entered all the correct information and relevant as per the coverage.

Payment options:

All travelers are eligible to make the payment in full or in the installment to confirm the booking. In the partial payment, the rest of the amount must completed within the stimulating time before the scheduled departure. Also, the supplier or the principal authority has the right to cancel or stop the booking.

Document submission:

When you confirm the itinerary, all the essential documents like invoices, tickets, insurance coverage, passports, and paperwork will be sent to you directly by the supplier. Until and unless we have lost the documents because of any negligence, we are not responsible for the documents with the supplier. In case of any lost of the documents, then you are totally liable for this and make some additional payment. Some documents can also be available at no extra cost through other modes of transportation.

Final travel arrangements:

Travelers must have all the eligible travel documents like insurance, visa, and physical ticket, on arrival at the airport. This can prevent you from being denied boarding by the airlines or a particular airport agent. Consequently, you must re-confirm the reference number and the name given on the ticket.


We at Southwestflytrip will always assist all travelers with any kind of complaint, and you can connect with our customer service agents anytime around the clock. All the Contract(s) that come under the travel arrangements are completely between you and your supplier(s) or principal (s) authority.

If you wish to convey the complaints on a holiday, then immediately contact the supplier(s) for help. The appropriate amount of compensation can be reduced or not allowed depending on the type of ticket and the issue.