Can you pick your seats on Southwest Airlines?

Are you looking to choose the seats? You can find the best seats during or anytime after the flight booking. Let’s proceed with the Southwest Airlines seat selection before the actual flight departure to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Airlines allow you to choose the right seats as per your preferences. But some things can be there when you need to pay extra to sit on the appropriate seat. You can avoid this situation and be aware of every segment. Therefore, read the complete information in this article and find the best seating for your destination.

What are the Seating Options for Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines understands the passenger’s demands and provides multiple seating options. If you are still confused about picking the best relevant seats as per the travel dates, you can go through the following seating options.

Business select:

This is one of the top categories of fare with Southwest Airlines. You are suitable for priority boarding and complimentary beverages on board. Not only are itineraries refundable, but you can make unlimited changes. All the passengers can choose their preferred seats first apart from the others.


This is next to the business class seats and available for the early bird check-in. You can earn 10 rapid reward points on purchasing every next flight. However, all other benefits of wanna get away + are also there in this free type.

Wanna get away:

Tickets are non-refundable, but you can transfer the flight credit after the flight cancellation. The same-day confirmed changes are always free, and you can earn 8 rapid reward points on every dollar.

Wanna getaway:

One of the base fares is the wanna-get away, in which you can fly with two bags for free, but seats are non-refundable. As per the new policy, airlines are now providing free same-day standby and are eligible for the 6 rapid reward points.

What is Southwest Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

While traveling with Southwest, one of the major things that comes into your mind is the seats. Don’t know the seating criteria with Southwest? Read out the policy on Southwest Airlines seat selection before choosing the preferred seats.

  • All the passengers are eligible to pick their favorite seats at booking or within 24 hours of the purchase for free.
  • In accordance with the 24-hour rule, your flight booking must complete within seven days before the scheduled departure.
  • The seating plan is there on the official site of Southwest Airlines which you can check for better seating options.
  • If you don’t pick the seats till the boarding, airlines assign you a random seat for free.
  • In the seats of emergency exit rows, you must be more than 18 years of age and medically fit to take care of the uncertain situation.
  • Pregnant ladies must choose the aisle seats to use the washroom appropriately.
  • Premium members can use their miles to obtain a free upgrade to Economy Plus.
  • Passengers can change seats at any time, subject to the new aircraft’s availability.
  • Senior citizens and unaccompanied youngsters flying with Southwest Airlines can pick their seats at the airport check-in counters.
  • You can only choose the seats as per the availability of seats in the aircraft.

How to Select/Choose Seats on Southwest Airlines?

Seating is available at booking, flight check-in, or anytime prior to the scheduled departure. Therefore, to select a seat at Southwest Airlines, look at the following information and choose accordingly.

Pick Seats during Booking:

  • Go to Southwest Airlines’ official website at
  • You may get into the online account by entering the right username and password, or you can book straight on their website.
  • Kindly proceed once you have entered the booking information for the flights.
  • Enter the trip type, travel class, number of passengers, destination, and departure and arrival dates.
  • Select your chosen flight and access the seat map.
  • Then choose the right seats based on your travel class and availability.
  • Make the payment after entering the passenger’s details and travel papers.
  • The seat selection confirmation will be sent to your registered email ID by Southwest Airlines.

Choose the Seats after Booking:

Online is one of the quickest ways to find suitable seats. To pick your seats, go to the Southwest Airlines website or download the mobile app.

  • click on the official site at Southwest Airlines
  • You can access My Trips from the top of the screen using this.
  • Simply provide the booking confirmation code and the passenger’s surname.
  • Choose the flight for which you want to reserve seats on the booking page.
  • To proceed, click the seat selection option there.
  • You can see the seat assignment map with the available seats for your travel class.
  • Choose seats for each person and pay the applicable costs.
  • Southwest Airlines will provide you with the confirmation mail.

How Much Does it Cost to Choose Seats on Southwest?

Want to save money on seating? You must follow the relevant seating criteria. But to some extent, you need to pay the fees for choosing the seats. If you want to complete your trip memorable and more relaxed, you can earn the preferred seats by paying some fees.

So, the Southwest Airlines seat selection fees can be between $30 and $300 as per the ticket type, destination, and number of passengers.

How do passengers board the plane on Southwest Airlines?

As you know, Southwest Airlines is a low-cost air carrier that provides budget-friendly services to passengers. One can get the preferred seats on the journey to ensure comfortable travel to reach the destination. Airlines allow you to board the flight according to the group boarding position. When you board, you can easily pick the suitable seats.

But still, do you want to know how to find the appropriate seats on the Southwest? This is according to the boarding groups and the seating position at the time of flight check-in. Southwest Airlines provides three boarding groups, and each group contains 1 to 60 positions from front to the end. Here are the details of all the boarding groups that you can include.

A boarding groups:

In this, you can get a chance to sit where you want to be in the plane, like in the aisle, window, or front seats. If you get to be in the A 1 to 30, you can choose the most comfortable seats on the plane.

B boarding group:

This is one of the next boarding groups that you can choose as per your preference. If you wish to get the seats, you need to be settled on the plane, then go ahead with boarding B. Seats nearer to group B contain many things.

C boarding group:

At these boarding groups, passengers get the leftover seats to choose from. Passengers don’t know where they get the seats in the boarding C. Due to this, it mainly consists of the middle seats on the entire plane.

Travelers, once they get the boarding pass, are assigned boarding groups after the flight check-in. The seats and boarding positions vary as per the type of plane, destination, and the available seats.

How to get the best seats on your next Southwest flight?

If you wish to avail the best seats, you need to look at the relevant tips for the same. Following are the hacks to secure the early boarding and the seating criteria.

Complete check-in 24 before the scheduled departure:

For the wanna-get away fares and other types, complete the flight check-in 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure. Don’t wait for a single minute once the check-in opens to avoid finishing the seating.

Get the Southwest elite status:

If you are a member of the Southwest elite status and earn the A-List preferred status, then get the best seats of your choice. In this, if you don’t like the boarding number, you can upgrade the seats to the higher travel class.

Following are the perks of the Southwest elite status and the way you can earn them.

Category A-list A-list preferred
How to earn status One-way flights- 25 qualifying points
3500 tier on the qualifying points.
One-way flights- 70,000 tier qualifying points or 50 qualifying flights.
Bonus points on the flights 25 percent earning bonus points 100 percent earning bonus points.
Priority boarding Yes Yes
Dedicated customer service allowed Allowed
Same-day changes or standby Permitted Permitted
Free-in flight services Not allowed Yes allowed

Get early bird check-in:

Southwest Airlines automatically completes the check-in 36 hours prior to the journey if you have the early-bird check-in. This means that you can get the seats rather than the 24-hour check-in by yourself which can increase the chance of getting the best seats.

Priority boarding for the Business class:

Business class travelers always get priority boarding and are guaranteed a group A position. Passengers who pay extra for the business class are automatically eligible for premium seating on the plane.

Purchase boarding at the gates:

If you still don’t get the seats of your choice, then you can pay the amount between $30-$50 one-way per passenger at the boarding gates. A representative over there can help you find better seating slots by spending extra money, or you can use the business credit card for boarding. 1.


At the end, you can say that seats play an important part in the flight journey for your destination. You must proceed to find the best seats of your choice to increase your flying curiosity. If you indulge in any problems, simply call the Southwest Airlines contact number at 1 (800) 435-9792 and talk to a live agent. They are available 24 hours a day to deliver you with the best advice.

Frequently asked questions:
How do you sit together in the Southwest?

If you want to sit together on Southwest Airlines, you must purchase the business select fare or upgrade to the southwest rapid reward points.

Does checking in early get you a better seat on Southwest?

Yes, Early Bird check-in can improve the seating options to acquire the preferred seats. But it is not sure that you come under an A boarding position.

Are Group B seats good on Southwest?

Yes, in group B, you can get the chance to sit on the window seats or sit together with your loved ones.

Will I get a better seat if I wait to check in?

This totally depends on the remaining seats in the airlines or travel class. If you wait till the check-in, you can find a seat with extra legroom.

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