Basic Guidelines on Southwest Airlines Senior Discount

Do senior fares really work on Southwest Airlines? Yes, it actually works and reduces the overall fare to travel to the respective destination. Southwest Airlines gives senior discount to show respect towards the seniors or the aged. For the most comfortable journey, one can acquire the Southwest Airlines senior discounts and make the reservation.

If you are confused about the discounts and their eligibility, you need to read the below information and apply to the same accordingly. In addition to this, you can enjoy the additional benefits and facilities depending on the travel class and the number of passengers.

Terms & Conditions for Senior Citizen Discounts on Southwest

Save your reliable time and obtain the senior citizen discounts according to the terms and conditions. Here are some points on senior discounts that you must know before getting the flight tickets.

  • The flight reservations for the seniors are available for both international and domestic journeys online.
  • Senior fares are eligible for passengers who are older than the age of 65.
  • If you don’t meet the age criteria, you can choose some other discounts or promo codes for the journey.
  • In the international fare, you cannot combine the fares with any other types in the same itinerary.
  • When you complete the adult travel booking, you will be forwarded to the senior travel reservation.
  • If there is no seat available to assign to the senior passenger, you can either secure a new flight or cancel the original booking.
  • One of the best methods to get discounts is on the weekdays when the flight demand is low, and you can easily avail the reservation.

How to Get Senior Discounts on Southwest Flights?

Passengers can ease their travel and reserve senior flights through a simple procedure. Following are the methods that you must follow to avail this type of discount for the best flight experience.

Apply Discounts Online:

  • Initially, obtain the Southwest Airlines official site at
  • Choose the book option from the top.
  • Provide the trip type, travel class, and number of passengers.
  • After that, enter the flight departure and arrival destination to check for the flights.
  • Get the list of flights for your itinerary.
  • Enter the filter as 65 age or senior fares to lower the actual prices.
  • From there, choose the best flight to proceed.
  • Get the seats from the seating map.
  • Enter the passenger details appropriately and attach the necessary proof.
  • In the promo codes section, you can also apply for senior discounts.
  • Pay for the reservation and obtain the flight tickets in your mail.

Apply the Senior Fare Offline:

If you want to see flight tickets for senior citizens, you can connect with the customer service team. Contact the customer representative at Southwest Airlines phone number at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA and talk to the experts. They will help you to get the suitable flight of your choice.

How Much of a Discount does Southwest Give Seniors?

Many passengers want to ask about the amount they get as discounts for senior citizens. However, this totally depends upon the destination, ticket type, and any special criteria of the seniors, such as retirement, military personnel, etc. With Southwest Airlines, you can earn between $5 to $20 of the discount. Once you visit their web page, you can learn more about the same.

Final words:

In the end, we can say Southwest Airlines offers multiple Senior discount. From that, you can choose the senior fare and obtain the appropriate prices. Always be aware of the latest updates and changes in the itinerary for the journey. If you find any sort of problems, you can get through with the customer service team for Southwest Airlines senior citizen discounts and obtain assistance. They are open 24 hours and seven days to give you valuable advice for the trip.

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