How do I Contact Southwest Airlines Lost and Found?

Have you Lost your precious item on the flight? The realization could evoke a range of emotions leaving you in guilt and frustration. Thanks to the Southwest airlines Lost and Found department which takes care of your losses and reunites them with you.

Southwest Airlines being the world’s most loved airline is known for providing an unparalleled and unique travel experience to you. The US-based major airline takes 190 flights to more than 121 destinations in 11 countries and makes every effort to return your lost item. The low-cost airline values your emotions attached to your piggy bank or camera full of memories and works with the heart to find them for you.

The texts below are a great companion to learn how to file a lost report at Southwest, what to do, how many days it can take, where the lost items go, and how long the airline can hold your item. Read the insightful article with great care and without zipping out.

What to do if I left an item on a Southwest flight?

The realization of losing your daughter’s piggy bank, an important document file, the priceless memories in your phone, or the working laptop can make you feel stranded. The guilt of losing can unsettle your stomach and make your heart heavy. But, wait, there is nothing to be worried about as much when you are traveling with Southwest. The lost and found department cares for your materials, you just need the following tasks discussed in the below lines.

  • If you realize you are missing at the airport, do inform the Customer Service Agent on priority. They will help you best to retrieve your missing item.
  • If your realization comes later and you left the airport hours ago, you can connect with the ‘lost and found department’.
  • You can file the report either online, through email, or via contacting at (888) 202-1024.
  • You must provide detailed information regarding the item ensuring that it should be discoverable with the given information.
  • Please provide them with an additional contact address such as an email. It will help you in getting the updated status of the lost item if you are not available on call.
  • You must ensure that your item is checked when boarding, as Southwest will not care for an unchecked item left on the plane.

How to Report Lost Items at Southwest Airlines?

Southwest allows you to report your lost item through the website, email, or call. Whatever method you choose to file the lost report, it will work effectively. Let’s understand the different processes to report a lost item at Southwest.

Through Website

  • Access the Bag Assistance Page: You can reach this page either through the website or directly by clicking the link
  • Select option: here among the different options, choose one that best suits you. If you left the item on the plane choose the option at the bottom.

  • Select Type of Report: In the next step you will be asked to file a report by choosing among the different types of reports such as report items left onboard, or report a checked baggage problem. Choose report items left onboard if you left the item on the plane.
  • Fill Item Information: In this stage, you need to fill out the Report Form correctly. Ensure the details of the items and provide the exact description of the item so that it can be found as early as possible. You need to fill in the pieces of information such as Item details (Item type, colour/pattern, tracking device, tracking device ID, product description, and supporting image if you have any), your contact information, and additional information about the item.
  • Review and Submit: After filling in all the information do not forget to review the entered information. Click on the submit button if everything is correct and accurate.

Through Email

Email is the best way to pour your heart and emotions attached to the item. It may create an emergency if subjected to a sensitive case. You can pour your words from the bottom of your heart and create urgency by describing why the lost item matters to you a lot. Through email, you can connect from heart to heart in a much more formal way. Southwest Airlines $69 Sale

Via Phone

It is the best-suited method in every circumstance. Either you are on the way after leaving the airport or left the airport hours or days ago, you can report your lost item via phone in less than a minute. You just need to speak with the lost and found department of Southwest airlines at 1-860-374-7569 and they will file your report quickly.

How long does it take to search for an item at Southwest?

Southwest Airlines does an extensive search to discover your lost item. According to the airlines, the lost and found department may take about 30 days after your report file date. In these periods, the airline will send you regular updates on the search results.

Once your item has been discovered, the airline will confirm you through email and provide you with a link to the shipping checkout page. You can track your shipping through the link and can write a thanksgiving email to Southwest. They will love to read your emotions and how you feel after reuniting with your items.

However, if the airline fails to find your lost item, they will inform you through email or call. In other circumstances, if the airline finds an item with no owner, they will donate it to the charity after failing to find the owner.

Key Points to Keep in Mind

The chances of finding your lost item are more when you cooperate with the airlines and the team. Combining your efforts with the Southwest airlines booking team can help them discover your item very smoothly. Here are some key points that you can keep in mind to make the retrieval more convenient and effective.

  • Collect the product-related information before filling out the lost report form. The more accurately you fill in the product-related details, the higher the chances of getting it.
  • You should provide accurate descriptions of the item in detail. If possible, must provide any identifiable information so that it can be recognized easily.
  • Do not forget to provide the flight-related details such as flight date and flight number reflecting the time when your item was lost.
  • You must file your report within 14 days of your item becoming otherwise the chances of getting it back will decrease with each passing day. There would be less chance of finding the item if a report is filed after 14 days.
  • You can provide other additional information related to the item. It may help the airline to find your item quickly.


It is a heart-wrenching experience to lose an item that is loving to you. Southwest understands the importance of every item and therefore they put an exhaustive search to reunite it with you. However, you are also encouraged to collaborate with them and put timely reports with accurate information. File the report immediately through the website or by calling ‘Southwest airlines Lost and Found’ at (888) 202-1024 or 1-860-374-7569.

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