Have you missed a flight at Southwest?

Although southwest missed flight records frequent cases of flight missing, knowing the preventive measures can turn the nightmare into a fruitful result.

Southwest, the world’s largest low-cost airline is based in the United States, with its main office in Texas, It provides its services to 121 destinations globally encompassing a focus on a point-to-point business model. This airline was established on 9 March 1967, since then it has developed its wings so much that it flies high in the sky.

The airline understands the plight of its customers and the things that can happen to their lives. Therefore they pour heart into the people’s service. This article dives deep into the nightmare scenario of southwest missed flight, its consequences, What to do if missed a flight, Refund policies, No-show policies, connecting flight rules, and other related terms. Let us move into the tour of this insightful article.

What happens if I missed a flight Southwest?

Following are the probable consequences that may occur on missing your flight at Southwest. However, the possible action depends on the Terms and conditions of the airline and therefore is subject to change. Have a look at some of the possible actions that can happen on missing a flight.

  • Southwest will arrange the next available flight on standby mode if you succeed in arriving at the airport within 2 hours.
  • You will get a refund for flight tickets, bag fee, and any extras paid during the purchase if the flight is cancelled by Southwest and you also choose to cancel it.
  • In case you do not request the airline to cancel the ticket, they will offer you flight credit into your airline account.

What to do if you miss your flight at Southwest?

Missing a flight at Southwest can lead to bitter results if not taken appropriate actions. Here are some of the actions that can help you manage the pitfalls.

  • Cancel your booking at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure of your flight if you are sure to not fly.
  • Request for a refund to hold the value of the ticket in the form of flight credit to be used later.
  • Get a standby ticket for the next available flights if you can manage to arrive at the airport within two hours of the departure of your scheduled flight.

Southwest Airlines Missed Flights Policy

Planning an itinerary is more than just booking flights and getting ready to go. It is a struggle to keep everything in the right place and missing a flight can unsettle things. The situation can be painful if left unaware of the missed flight policies. Let’s get abreast with some of the missing flight policies that can accompany you in this tough time.

  • In case you drop the idea of flying with Southwest and cancel your reservation before the departure of the original flight, they will refund you the fare price.
  • If you cancel the ticket before ten minutes of the original flight departure time, the airline may offer you flight credit of ticket value.

Southwest Airlines No Show Policy

Missing a flight has the potential to distort your itinerary and leave you in chaos. Being a ‘No Show’ is such a chaotic situation when you suffer with money loss as well as penalty. Southwest says that If you do not cancel your ticket ten minutes before the departure of the original flight, your ticket will be considered a ‘No Show’. The airline has a strict no-show policy some of which are discussed in the below lines.

You must know these policies to save you from penalty.

  • In case you are a ‘No Show’ the airlines will cancel the entire reservation including any remaining flights on the itinerary.
  • Southwest Airlines will not issue any refund in case you become a ‘No Show’.
  • Southwest will refund the value of Business Select or Anytime tickets in the form of a Transferable Flight Credit.
  • If your ticket belongs to the plan of Wanna Get Away or Wanna Get Away Plus, the funds will be forfeited.
  • Any points used for booking will be forfeited, along with any taxes and fees associated with your reward travel reservation.
  • If you have purchased the ticket from the Rapid Rewards Account, the points used for booking will be redeposited to your account, and any taxes and fees associated with the reward travel reservation will be converted into a Transferable Flight Credit for future use.

How to Get Refund from Southwest Missed Flight?

Southwest allows you to get a refund for missing your flight. However, You must keep patient as the refund processing can take several days depending on your payment method. You can reference the below table that shows the time taken to process your refund.

  • They will consider the refund request only when submitted up to ninety days from the date of scheduled departure.
  • The refund request after ninety days of the flight departure date will not be considered, and the amount will be forfeited.
  • You have the option to receive the refund as the method of payment or hold the value of the ticket as flight credit that is transferable.
  • Southwest will not refund any amount spent on add-on purchases such as hotels, rental cars, etc.
Payment Mode Refund Processing Time Refund Type
Credit card 7 days from the date of request In Dollar to the same account used for purchasing
Cash 20 days from the date of request Through Check
Points Instant As Points, credited into the Rapid Rewards account.
Southwest gift card or Southwest LUV Vouchers Instant As Flight Credit
Flight credit Instant
  • Wanna Get Away Plus or Wanna Get Away fare is refunded in the form of flight credit
  • Business Select or Anytime fare is refunded as Transferable Flight Credit.
Credit from tickets Instant As Transferable Flight Credit.

Southwest Missed or Delayed a Connecting Flight

It is not always your fault to miss a flight. Sometimes airlines can also cause delays in flights. There could be cases when you end up missing your connecting flight leaving you in contemplation. But Southwest understands this life happens and therefore designed well-thought policies regarding this. You can take a look at these policies in the below lines.

  • If a delay in flight causes you to wait overnight, the airline will arrange for accommodation and meals on your request.
  • If a delay caused by the Airline results in waiting for three or more hours you are liable to get meal reimbursement by the Airline.
  • If you miss a flight connection for which the management of the Airline is responsible, you will be offered a seat on the next available outbound flight.

Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Phone Number

You feel delighted when you are heard. Southwest has a dedicated call number to hear you in your difficult times. You need to just dial the phone number 1-800-435-9792 and tell them your concern, convenience, or experience (good or bad). They will pour their heart into providing you with the best service. You may also write an email to them if the text suits you.


Curing is always better than prevention. Southwest offers well-curated policies to mitigate the after-effects of flight missing. Their customer commitment is reflect in their efforts to ensure a positive and supportive travel experience. If you are face any such unforeseen circumstances during your travel, get in touch with Southwest. They are best able to help you out. Southwest Vacation Packages


Can I re-book a flight at Southwest if missed my original flight?

Ans. Yes, Southwest Airlines gives you the opportunity to re-book the next available flight after you end up missing your original flight. However, you must inform your concern to the airline before departure of your original flight.

Can I get the refund amount in cash as I purchased it at the Airport through cash?

Ans. No, according to the Southwest missed flight refund policies, a ticket purchased through cash may refund only in cheque. You can take the reference of the above table for more details. However, you must remember that you fulfil the refund eligibility criteria otherwise your claim for refund is not entertain.

Will Southwest allot me a seat on the next available flight if cancelled by the Airlines?

Ans. In case the airline cancels your flight on your unavailability to onboard at the right time, they will offer you a ticket on the next available flight in standby mode. That means your seat confirmation depends on the availability of a seat at the last minute. Therefore, you must be patient while you are on standby.

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