How do I complaint to Southwest Airlines?

How to Make a Complaint to Southwest Airlines?

Do you feel stranded with Southwest? make a complaint to Southwest Airlines is the best way to give justice to yourself.

Southwest Airlines takes pride in itself as the world’s low-cost carrier with unmatched hospitality. But many times it happens that they are unable to keep their promises, which ultimately causes trouble for us. We feel stuck with their broken words and services. However, In such circumstances filling a complaint can give your inner-self a sense of satisfaction and can help you maintain your calmness.

Here in this article, I am going to disclose to you the methods you can choose to complain about. Please mind that whatever medium you choose, you must remain calm to best describe your bad experiences while traveling with them. So, read the article calmly and select the best method for you.

Complaint With E-mail:

I feel that writing about your experience, whether good or bad, is the best method to express yourself. It gives you the time to think of your experiences and pour them into words. If you are comfortable with writing then complaining through the mail is the best method to choose from. Follow the below steps to file your complaint smoothly.

  • Access the contact: This is the foremost step in this process. You need to visit the official website and click on the ‘Contact us’ tab at the bottom of the home page.
  • Choose Your Option: Other than complaining, the Email option can be used also for Commenting & giving compliments. However, you just need to choose the ‘Complaint’ option at this time and proceed.
  • Select Complain Category: This page eases your efforts by categorizing the various segments in which a complaint can be filed. Choose yours from the available segments such as flight, inflight experience, baggage, rapid rewards, reservation, airport experience, customer service, and travel disruption.
  • Describe your experience: This is the key step in which you describe your experiences in a text box that allows 2500 characters. Upload a file if you have any as a piece of evidence in a size under 100 MB and proceed by filling in your flight information, contact information and, address information
  • Review & Submit: Take a review of your complaint and throw the cursor at the submit button.

Complaint in Community

Southwest Airlines Community is the space that consists of Southwest employees, Blog Authors, Subject Matter Experts, and people who are their customers. Hence, this is also a great platform to share your stories and experiences with others. You can request the authorized people to take your queries or concerns into consideration. They might have the potential to process your complaint with the concerned authorities or departments.

Complain Through Phone or IVR

It is the most live option available to lodge your complaint at Southwest. The Customer Service Representative is best capable of processing your complaint satisfactorily. Do follow the below steps.

  • Dial the customer representative number 1-800-435-9792 or 1-860-370-4608.
  • Follow the IVR process and explore the various options.
  • Choose the language you are most comfortable in to discuss your complaint.
  • Find, if it gives you the option to connect with the Customer Representative.
  • Once connected, share your experiences with them and ask them to file a complaint.

Complaint Through Live Chat

Southwest Live Chat is the premium means of getting assistance accessed only through a Mobile App. It is available only for Rapid Rewards Members between 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central Standard Time for all 7 days. It is a convenient way to get an instant response to your concerns without hustling in a call queue or waiting for days.

The representative at Live Chat can help you with your complaints best in their capacity. Here are the steps you can follow to access the Live Chat.

  • Download the updated version of the Southwest Mobile App.
  • Log into your Account and fetch the Main Menu in the Upper left-hand corner.
  • In the ‘Contact us’ tab, you will get the option of ‘Live Chat’.
  • Click the chat icon and start chatting.
  • If seeking talking assistance, ask the chatbot to take you on to talk to the customer representative.

Complain through Social Media

However, social media is not a platform to file a complaint formally. But, the latest trend proves that platforms like Twitter could be the best platform to draw attention and engage with them.

Keeping pace with the digital habits of the fliers, Southwest is present on all the Major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You can tag Southwest on these platforms with your general complaint and then move to more specific ones.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • When complaining through writing, choose the words and tone that speak your feelings.
  • It may take up to 10 days to reply to your mail. So be patient and you will be served with the best.
  • Don’t hustle to find the right platform for you, but choose one that works best for you. In case, the wait time on call is longer, don’t hesitate to go with other options.
  • Southwest Airlines has a different line for bilinguals. You can connect with the bilingual representative by dialing 1-800-826-6667 or 1-860-370-4608.
  • Do not disclose any personal information on public forums. It might create trouble for you.


You have various options to make a complaint to Southwest Airlines. You can choose to email or talk to the customer representative at the dedicated number. Speaking with the customer care representative is always a preferred method.

Please note that patience is the key during conversation. Therefore, adopt a tone that reflects your concern rather than frustration.

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