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Isn’t it a good option to enjoy traveling to multiple cities on a single trip? If yes, then choose Southwest Airlines Multi City which offers you this same facility at the most affordable price.

The multi-city travel plan of Southwest gives you the opportunity to have stopovers to more than 121 destinations globally on a single trip. The airline, which started its operation in 1967, is the world’s largest low-cost carrier. Its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas, and usually operates over 190 flights in a day. On the southwest, multi-trip is the more economical and convenient plan to choose from rather than the individual or round trip.

The trip is adorned with multiple benefits and various unique features. Here in this article, we have covered the complete details of How can you book your multi-city flights, Its benefits, the cheapest day to fly, and many more. So be glued to the text till the end.

What is Southwest Multi-city Flights?

Why be satisfied with one, when you have the chance to win multiples? With multi-city, you choose to stop at more than two destinations. You organize your plan and stay there as long as you wish viz. Days, Months, etc. But, what you don’t do is separate the books for each. The Southwest Airlines Multi-city flight gives you the flexibility to customize all into one trip thus ultimately saving you money and effort.

How to Book Multi-city Flights with Southwest?

Southwest booking process is easy and hassle-free. Whether you book it online through the website or offline on call, it is as convenient as it should be. Go through the below lines to learn more. Southwest Airlines Group Travel

Through Website

  • Plan your Itinerary: It is the pillar of the booking process, which makes your itinerary enjoyable. Just prepare with your selection and head off to the booking.
  • Search for Flight: Select the flight that meets the requirements of your travel plan. Below are the steps you can follow to search for your flight.
  • Open the official website on any safe browser.
  • Click on ‘Advanced Search’ for multi-city flights on the right bottom of the booking window.
  • Tick the multi-city checkbox and fill in the particulars such as Depart, Depart Date, Time, Number of Passengers, Destination, & Promo code (if applicable).
  • Add destinations in your multi-city trip, and click on the ‘Search’ button.
  • Select Flight: At the moment you complete the searches, select your flight as per your schedule from the lists.
  • Submit your Details: Your details are a vital part of the booking process. You need to be careful while filling in your details.
  • Review and Pay: Review your booking details, in the last stage of the booking process and proceed to payment. Southwest allows fliers to pay through Debit/Credit/UATP/PayPal or wire transfer.

Via Phone

  • Connect with Southwest: Get in touch with Southwest Customer Service at 1-800-435-9792 between 5 AM to Midnight central time available from Monday to Friday.
  • Follow IVR: If the process involves IVR go on talk with the customer representative. Do follow the process carefully.
  • Submit Your request: After you get connected with the representative, submit your request for booking a multi-city trip.
  • Confirm your flight: Work with the representative to get the best deal. Provide them with your selection such as arrival & departure, and travel date, and get informed with the seat availability, discounts, special offers, and others.
  • Submit particulars: Your details are the crucial thing in this whole process. Provide them with the correct details of yours.
  • Review & Pay: After you are done with the name, take a brief review and proceed with the payment. You need to deposit a secure fee of $50 per Passenger for holding your reservation with the final payment due at a later date.

Benefits of Booking Multi-city flight on Southwest

It is not the price that gets saved on booking multiple flights, but you get a bunch of other benefits along with this. With Southwest, you can transfer your flight credits, claim a hundred percent refund, 24*7 travel assistance, and many others. Here are some of the top advantages you can avail.

  • Saves Money & Effort: The multi city trip is an efficient way to save your money and effort. It gives you the convenience to travel to multiple destinations with a Companion pass as a single trip. So you need to bother yourself with setting up passes twice. Take for example if you travel from San Francisco to Hartford then rather than choosing a direct flight, you can choose a stopover at Minneapolis/St. Paul (Terminal 2) in the price and effort of a single trip.
  • Transferable Flight Credit: Southwest allows you to transfer your flight credits to another Rapid Reward member for once.
  • 100 Percent Refund: With Southwest, you are able to receive a full refund of your ticket value, even if you cancel your ticket ten minutes before the departure of your flight.
  • Bags Fly Free: It allows your second bag to fly free with a limited weight and size applicable. That means you need not pay extra for a second bag, with Southwest it is free to fly.
  • 24*7 Travel Assistance: Southwest Airlines Multi-city has the name of providing the optimum customer experience to its fliers. You can call Southwest customer service at 1-800-775-7105 at any moment to book your inconvenience.

What is Cheapest day of the week to fly on Southwest Airlines?

However, there is no fixed and hard rule to predict which day is the cheapest to book your ticket at Southwest. However, the statistics and reports say that Airlines on some specific days receive less traffic than on other days of the week. They usually offer huge discounts or sales on those specific days. It is believed that Tuesday and Wednesday are such weekdays on which you can save up to 20% on booking.


In conclusion, It is not a matter of price that makes the multi-city trip an attractive travel option, but the convenience that keeps all the companions together in one place. You are just a call away from your multi-destination trip. Dial the customer service at Southwest, and you will be able to book in less than a minute.

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