Do you want to change your flight on the day of the departure? Getting stressed due to the minor glitches in the travel plans. You are recommended to come under the Southwest Airlines same-day change for your destination and get the new flight tickets.

Airlines understand the unexpected situation and provide more flexibility to board the next flight. You just need to pay only the fare difference and avoid any fees if you adhere to certain instructions. In this article, you can find about the relevant rules, process, and eligibility to choose the same-day change or standby.

What does Same-Day Change mean for Southwest Airlines?

Same-day change means travelers are permitted to get the new flight apart from the original one on the day of the departure. If you are stuck at any work, you can choose this facility and save money from cancellation. Airlines provide separate rules for all the fare classes that you must understand. Alter your plans according to the fare type as follows.

Anytime or Business Select Tickets:

  • Do you want to change the business select tickets? Then, you only need to pay the difference in fares if the new fare is less than the existing one.
  • If you do the same-day change upto 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure, your new departure must be within the next 24 hours.
  • If you don’t show up at the airport, you will not receive any travel points or money.
  • Passengers who choose the new flight on the original departure then airlines arrange the accommodation at the airport.

Southwest Wanna Getaway fare:

  • You can change this type of fare on the same day upto 10 minutes before the scheduled departure and pay certain fees.
  • In the non-refundable ticket, the airline gives the fare difference for the changes in the form of travel credit.
  • In this fare, you are not eligible for a refund of the fare difference.
  • Same-day changes are only allowed according to the destination and availability.

Southwest Airlines Same-Day Flight Change Policy:

Before moving to any type of change on the day of departure, it is essential to look at Southwest Airlines same-day change policy. Look at the following points and get the highlights of the flight change.

  • You must make the same-day change at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.
  • When you change the booking, the origin, destination airports, and the trip must be the same as the original booking.
  • Airlines always open the seats until and unless you don’t show up at the airport.
  • You can make the same-day change online before reaching the airport or talk to the customer representative at the particular terminal.
  • Also, visit the airport ticket counter and ask the agents over there to give you the standby or same-day change.
  • Frequent flyer members for the free same-day changes as they need to pay only miles.
  • Sometimes, the new flight prices are less than the original one, and you can get a refund for the fare difference.
  • The standby seats are subject to the availability and the travel class.
  • If there is no space available on the new flight, you cannot request the same-day change.

Kindly note: to make the same-day changes, you need to pay the extra fees along with the fare difference.

How to change a Southwest Airlines flight on the same day?

Passengers who are not going to take the flight on the original date are eligible to change the journey. They can do so by different means and choose the best process possible as per their choice. However, follow the below criteria to get the methods.

Change the flight on the web:

  • Use the Southwest Airlines website at for the change.
  • Log into the account or click on the My Trips button.
  • At there, provide the reservation confirmation number and the traveler’s surname.
  • Search for the flights to obtain the flights you have booked.
  • Pick the flight you wish to do the same-day change.
  • On the menu screen, pick the same-day change option to proceed.
  • Add the new travel dates and other details to get the flights.
  • You can see the flights as per the availability on the trip dates.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to get the appropriate flight.
  • Also, add the seats, if any, for all the passengers.
  • Agree to the fare difference and make the payment.
  • Southwest Airlines will instantly share you the email having the updated e-ticket.

Same-day change over the phone:

Sometimes, due to the prevailing demand, you are unable to make the changes online. However, airlines allow you to connect with the customer service team and discuss the issues. Go through the process, as stated further, for the Southwest Airlines same-day flight change and acquire the best suitable flights.

  • Navigate to the Southwest Airlines site on your browser.
  • Choose the Contact Us section.
  • Find ways to connect with the representative.
  • Under the phone icon, add the preferred country/region.
  • Make a phone call on the Southwest Airlines phone number at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA.
  • Adhere to the automated voice instructions promptly.
  • When you choose the preferred command, your phone will be assigned to the customer representative.
  • Ask the agents to modify your flight on the same day.

What is the eligibility for same-day or standby change on Southwest flights?

Travelers who wish to get a standby or make the same-day change must read the given guidelines and eligibility.

Category  Same day change Same day standby
Ticket confirmation  Must have confirmed ticket  Ticket can be confirmed at the airport. 
Time for the change  Changes are allowed upto 3 to 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure For changes, seats must be available
Route or airport
Preferred or A-list members  Eligible for the change  Not eligible for standby
Fees  Fare difference for wanna get away and fees included for other fares Included for all the fares 

Bottom line:

When you go through with the same-day change and the standby, you can easily skip any fees related to this. You can make changes as many times as you can without any subsequent fees depending on the travel type. Stick to the policy of Southwest Airlines Same Day Change to find better options in the new journey. However, elevate your experience with customer service as their professional in their work.

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